Travelling to Greece? We’ve doubled your cash limit

If you have taken out a Go Walkabout Travel Insurance policy, and you are travelling to Greece before the end of August 2015, the cash limits on all of our policies has been doubled, for time that you are spending on the Greek mainland or on any of the islands. If you took our most popular Longstay policy, then your cash limit will double from £500 to £1000 per person.

If you’re unsure of what the cash limit is on your policy, please check the cover benefits listed in our policy wordings, by clicking here.

This move has been prompted by the current uncertainty around the Greek economy, which has led the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to advise tourists to take enough Euros in cash to cover the duration of their stay. This is in light of the situation where banking services – including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs throughout Greece could be limited at short notice, due to the ongoing financial crisis.

The fact that there is currently no guarantee that visitors will be able to exchange sterling for Euros in Greece, is another reason that the FCO is advising visitors to bring enough to see them through in case of potential problems accessing money to spend in the country.

You can read the up – to – date FCO advice here.

Many holiday-makers will feel uneasy about taking so much cash with them, as they may usually choose to pay by debit or credit card, and it is a worry to be looking after large amounts of cash whilst away from home, when you want to be free to relax and enjoy yourself.

Here is some advice that will hopefully help keep your cash safe:

  • Take small denomination notes with you, so that if some money gets stolen, this will lessen the impact.
  • Use the hotel safety deposit facilities to store cash that you don’t intend to use that day.
  • Spread the cash about your person in different places, rather than keeping it all in one wallet.

Although Greece is currently going through some turbulent times, it remains a beautiful country with resilient and hard-working people that live there. Enjoy your holiday to Greece, but read up on the latest FCO guidance before you go, and make sure that you have taken out comprehensive travel insurance too.

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