Our pet migration policy can now cover 10 days of quarantine!

We’ve been offering our pet migration policy for several years now, to provide cover for cats and dogs being migrated away from the UK with their family, who are setting up home in a new country.

Previously, we could only cover the pet’s journey away from the UK, and up to 36 hours once they arrive in their destination country, but we’ve now improved this cover to also include 10 days in quarantine, if this is necessary. This is in response to customer demand, and will hopefully offer additional reassurance, at what can already be a stressful time.

Pet migration cover is available to cover either ‘Europe’ or ‘Worldwide’ and offers great-value cover for: 

  • Death due to natural causes
  • Vet’s fees for emergency treatment
  • Unforeseen expenditure in transit
  • Theft of your animal
  • Personal liability

Pets are very well cared for and given thorough health-checks by pet shippers, before they travel, but unexpected and unwelcome events can still happen with the best of intentions and the best of handling, so it’s always a wise precaution to have pet migration insurance in place, before your pet embarks on their journey.

You can take a look at the policy benefits in more detail, and obtain a quote, here, on our dedicated Pet Migration website.

If you’re emigrating away from the UK to anywhere around the world, we also offer one-way cover for you, as well as your much-loved pets.

You can see the details here and if you’d like a quote for your trip, please complete a quote request form, and we’ll email one to you.

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